Yunhe welcomes student group from Ivanhoe grammar school

Yunhe welcomes student group from Ivanhoe grammar school

May 26

Dragon Yunhe was pleased to welcome a group of Australian students from Melbourne to our community centre in Zhonglu village. During their stay, the students had the special opportunity to experience the beautiful landscape and spirited lifestyle of the Tibetan countryside. The students were greeted with ‘hada’ (a white scarf that symbolizes the pure intentions of a welcoming host) and participated in an age-old ceremony to pay their respects to Zhonglu’s holy mountains. Throughout the weekend they were taught to make beautiful embroidery pieces using traditional techniques, climbed one of the village’s ancient watchtowers and were invited to dance in a Tibetan “guozhang”.

Dragon Yunhe celebrates cultural exchange and is excited to bring young minds from across the globe closer together. By promoting relationships of understanding between international communities we hope to make the world a more interconnect place.


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