Tibetan Woman Empowerment Through Handicrafts

Tibetan Woman Empowerment Through Handicrafts

Project length available:1 week – 1 month

As a social enterprise, Yunhe Centre is dedicated to the overall process of cultural revitalization in Zhonglu. This area features culturally distinct clothing styles that have been perfected and refined for centuries. In recent years, traditions of embroidery and weaving have become less and less practiced by the local women in Zhonglu. This is primarily a result of the pressures of modernization and the subsequent decline in free time for these villagers. This community engagement project will give participants the opportunity to assist our team in revitalization of this age-old art style. Through gaining an in-depth understanding of the craft style, participants will aid us in devising and executing workshops that will be available to women from the village. These workshops will be a crucial first step in bolstering the prevalence of this tradition and will help ensure its vitality for future generations in Zhonglu.

Age Requirement: 18-60

Background Requirement: None

Project Period: All year round

Project Length: 1week – 1month

Accommodation: Dormitory

Meals: Self-prepared


  1. Volunteer certificate
  2. Letter of reference for participation

Knowledge Obtained:

  1. Culture, nature, and history about Kham Tibetan Area, Gyalrong Tibetan Area
  2. Tibetan traditional handicraft skills, such as embroidery, weaving, etc
  3. Combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern design
  4. Understanding the current working and living situation of women in Tibetan areas.
  5. Deep thinking about the sustainable development path of Tibetan areas
  6. Development of Eco-Tourism in ethnic minority region in China

Volunteer work:

  1. Learn Tibetan embroidery techniques from a local woman. Design and make Tibetan embroidery eco bags and handicrafts
  2. Learn Tibetan weaving techniques from local woman, design and make weaving crafts
  3. Lavender picking, drying, screening. Design and make crafts with lavender.
  4. Teach local woman about how to make the handicrafts mentioned above combining traditional techniques and modern design. Help to sell the handicrafts in the market and online
  5. Keep recording the project and make a final presentation