Social Impact

Social Impact

Empowering the Community

As a social enterprise, Yunhe Centre dedicates itself to uplifting communities in rural Tibet. Through our variety of in-depth community development and cultural revitalization projects, we are paving a path of sustainability while embracing the beauty in tradition. We employ a holistic strategy to foster all aspects of the community, addressing issues such as environmental degradation, a decline in traditional knowledge and lack of communal health facilities. Through the efforts of our community workshops in traditional knowledge and career building as well as our sustainable development projects we are fostering the community’s capacity to succeed, revitalizing local tradition and paving the path to a future of sustainability.

Engaging the Community

Cultural-exchange is the ultimate teacher of perspective. Our community centre acts as a beacon, attracting guests, volunteers, and partners to engage in the process of responsible tourism. By facilitating a dialogue of bilateral appreciation between the local community and the outside world we are the catalyst of mutual cultural-exchange.


Here’s what we’ve done to engage the community so far

Created five themed courses

Invited 52 experts for collaboration

Hosted over 500 guests

Conducted 27 educational trips


Building a platform

The Yunhe Centre is the first community-based nature education centre in the rural Tibetan area. We are proud of the model we have created for responsible eco-tourism and sustainable community development. We dream that more people will follow in our example and create cooperatives similar to our own. To set this precedent, we create forums and act as mediators in forming bonds between local government entities, communities and responsible partners to create new collations to uplift more communities.


Results so far

  1. i. The local government in Danba county has recognized our centre as being the first community-based nature education centre in the rural Tibetan area.
  2. ii. Our team was invited by a new community centre in Daofu to instruct them in building a eco-friendly dry toilet based on the one featured in our Yunhe Centre in Zhonglu.