Since 2014, we’ve invited students from around the world to participate in responsible voluntourism in the setting of rural Tibet. Through interactive programs designed to promote cultural exchange we have been successful in showcasing the beauty of Zhonglu to international learners. Through our variety of projects ranging from building eco-toilets to repairing a 200 years’ old water mill we are promoting travel with a lasting impact.


Goals: By facilitating in-depth community voluntourism projects, Dragon Yunhe aims to uplift the rural Tibetan village through the creation of civil services and public health facilities. Through our cultural revivalization programs we facilitiate a dialogue between the villagers and the traditions of their region and empower the younger generations to preserve the beauty of traditional knowledge. By merging tradition and sustainable innovation we are paving the path to responsible community development. Through the impact of our Yunhe Centre we are creating a platform for the international community to observe and admire the beauty of this landscape and its colorful culture.