Our team has over 15 years of experience guiding tour groups to a variety of destinations. In addition, our staff is made up of personnel who are trained to handle a myriad of different situations that could arise during the trips we host. As a result, we are exceedingly competent in assuring client safety and risk management is a top priority for our team.

Listed below are the various accreditations and certifications our team possesses:


  1. WTM负责任旅行;
  2. WYSE世界青年学生教育旅行联盟成员
  3. 猫途鹰官方推荐
  4. 中国登山协会成员
  5. 1%地球税企业联盟成员(2016-年限确认)              
  6. 英国旅行手册公司官方推荐
  7. ATTA世界探险旅游协会成员
  8. GSTC全球可持续发展旅游委员会会员
  9. 中国旅游协会探险旅游分会会员
  10. 四川省登山协会成员
  11. 中国山岳救援队成员
  12. LNT美国无痕山林成员
  13. 四川省康养基地
  14. 四川省森林自然教育基地