Our story

Who are we?


Here at Yunhe Centre, we love the excitement that we experience when we discover something new and when we experience tradition that is alive. Our team is an intimate group of enthusiasts who are united by our passion for environmental sustainability, traditional culture, and tourism.

Through our collective experiences, we have bared witness to commercialized tourism development in rural communities in China. This precedent of tourism development changes these authentic, traditional communities into unrecognizable tourist traps that prioritize the desires of their visitors over those of their residents. When the local government of Danba county invited us to visit the nearby Tibetan village of Zhonglu, we couldn’t resist. When our small three-person delegation arrived in the village, they were captivated by the pristine, snowy backdrop of the Moerdo Holy Mountain range and the exciting and colorful customs of the local Jiarong Tibetan community. What we saw in Zhonglu wasn’t artificial; we immediately recognized it as being undisturbed by the reaches of the urban lifestyle.    

We felt that this place’s beautiful and distinct way of life should be preserved for future generations to appreciate and cherish. It didn’t take much to convince us to make an agreement with the local government to develop a master plan for a new model of sustainable community development. It has been four years since that deal was made and since then we have accomplished many things. Brick by brick, we laid the foundation and built our Yunhe Centre high on the mountain in Zhonglu; it serves a reminder that we are here to serve our new neighbors in whatever they need. Through our growing network of friends in the community, we are promoting programs that facilitate a dialogue between the residents of the village and the traditional knowledge of their culture. We are promoting new innovations to better equip the village with facilities that maintain traditional qualities while employing the latest developments in environmentally sustainable practices and technology. We are hosting programs that enable outside guests and village residents to share in mutual understandings and learn from one another in cultural exchange.

The job has not always been easy, but we have loved the work every step of the way. We sincerely hope the fruit of our labors will create a future where the people here in Zhonglu have truly benefited and where the beautiful culture and pristine landscape of this place is still alive and well.