about us

Yunhe Centre is a base for nature education and community development located in the Tibetan village of Zhonglu. Zhonglu is a hidden gem tucked away in the Moerduo Mountain Nature Reserve of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture; a western region of China’s Sichuan Province. In May 2015, Dragon Yunhe created the Centre as a response to the growing need to support vulnerable nature reserves and communities like Zhonglu village. Places like these are at risk due to a myriad of issues including environmental problems, depopulation, and disappearing of traditional culture. As a social enterprise, Dragon Yunhe dedicates itself to accompanying the village for 30 years by running the Yunhe Centre harmoniously with the community.

As a Centre for nature education and community development, Yunhe Centre carries out environmental education activities and camps for young people from both the village and cities, while empowering the locals to become excited about their natural and cultural heritage, develop important skills, and finally run the Centre independently. We dream this Centre will become a continuous driving element in the sustainable development of the village.

The literal translation of the Chinese word Yunhe is “Gathering of the clouds.” Yunhe Centre is acting as a platform, much like gathering clouds we bring together responsible associates including volunteers, artists, educators, musicians, painters, groups and long-term partnerships from China and abroad to work with locals. Together we will utilize the Centre as a beacon to broadcast the conversation between Zhonglu and the whole world. We will strive to foster excitement for creativity, cultural belonging, and education. As a team, we will promote the importance of cultural heritage and environmental protection, and pioneer the localized path of sustainable development.